a suffix forming:

1. adjectives equivalent to -ed2 (in participial and other adjectives), as in designate, separate.
2. nouns denoting especially persons charged with some duty or function, or invested with some dignity, right, or special character, as in advocate, candidate, curate, legate, prelate.
3. nouns denoting some product or result of action, as in mandate (literally, a thing commanded).
4. verbs, originally taken from Latin past participles but now formed from any Latin or other stem, as in actuate, agitate, calibrate.
{Latin -ātus, -āta, -ātum}
a suffix forming nouns denoting a salt formed by action of an acid (with a name ending in -ic) on a base, as in acetate.

{Latin -ātum neuter of -ātus -ate1}
a suffix forming nouns denoting condition, estate, office, officials, or an official, etc., as in consulate, senate.

{Latin -ātus, suffix making nouns of 4th declension}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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